In the Configuration menu of LOG4OM go to Software integration>Connections. Build a UDP INBOUND script that says [UDP_INBOUND] [N1MM_MESSAGE] [12060} N1MM Hit the green plus sign to write it to the UDP Inbound connections box.

In N1MM Configurer>broadcast data on the left side enable Contacts.

That’s it. Also, when using N1MM I never enable CAT control in LOG4OM, as it needs the COM port for radio control, but the qso’s roll in.

Door Lambert de Groot

My name is Lambert. Born on 6 May 1958 in the city Klazienaveen in the Netherlands. My current location is in a small village called Klazienaveen this place is 200 km from Amsterdam the capital of Holland My license for Amateur Radio was made on 7 October 2011 . I am now active on 10, 20 and 40 meters . I would like to make international and national competitions. And I'm a DXCC Hunter.